All cars fitted with GPS


GPS navigation system is installed in all our vehicles making it a much faster way to find a particular address. We can also track a driver’s position at any given time giving you an exact time of pick up with instant Vehicle Location on Mapping.  This system also helps in traffic jam situations and peak rush hour times letting you know immediately of any unexpected delays.

All our drivers have hand held PDA’s which provides a unique ring back service available to all via text message to the customer, this displays the make, colour and model of vehicle making it a safe, reliable and prompt service.

Glossary of terms

GPS – Global Positioning System, method by which Vehicles are specifically located. It is generally attached to a PDA.
PDA – Personal Digital Assistant or handheld computer, the device in vehicle, which displays Booking Information and controls all communication with GPRS
GPRS – General Packet Radio Service, Method by which Data is sent from Booking System to PDA.