Streamlined way to manage all your business transportation

Priority bookings, monthly invoicing, and dedicated support, our account holders enjoy a hassle-free and reliable taxi experience.

  • Simplify employee transportation
  • Perfect for individuals who frequently use taxi services
Accounts Service

seamless, efficient, and reliable transportationSign up today and experience the convenience of managing all your taxi needs with one easy-to-use account.

Business Account

Ideal for companies looking to simplify employee transportation, client pickups, or airport transfers. Our Business Account provides customized solutions to suit your organization's unique requirements.

Personal Account

Perfect for individuals who frequently use taxi services for commuting, shopping, or social events. Our Personal Account allows you to manage your rides and payments with ease.

Priority Bookings

Account holders receive priority access to our taxi fleet, ensuring prompt service even during peak hours.

Monthly Invoicing

Consolidate all your taxi expenses into a single, easy-to-manage monthly invoice, simplifying your accounting process.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose from various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or direct debits, to suit your preferences

User-Friendly Mobile App

Book rides, track your taxi in real-time, and make secure in-app payments using our intuitive mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices.

Corporate Discounts

Business account holders may be eligible for exclusive discounts and promotional offers.

Customized Reporting

Receive detailed usage reports tailored to your organization's needs, providing insights into your travel patterns and expenses.

Multiple Users

Add multiple users to your account, allowing your employees or family members to book taxis under the same account.

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