At City Private Hire & Minibuses Ltd we use all the latest technology. In the last 5 years we have developed and enhanced our services & continually to do so.

We use Autocab Booking System which gives us full management control over our vehicles from our main offices located in Blackburn Town Centre. We can locate the nearest driver to your pick up point providing a much quicker service.

We can take customer information with a few clicks reducing your telephone call time. This system sends information directly to our driver’s hand held PDA’s instantly and within 20 seconds the job is accepted and the driver is on route to your destination. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS systems & PDA’s. We can also track a drivers position at any given time giving you an exact time of pick up with instant vehicle location on Mapping.

When using PDA data terminals, the auto-plotting range is extended to a massive 616 square miles allowing auto-plotting to more distant locations. This system also helps in traffic jam situations and peak rush hour times letting you know immediately of any unexpected delays & exactly whereabouts your taxi is giving us accurate information we can pass on directly to yourselves.